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Application status of Android PDA in Sales inventory
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-04-24 | Views:384
Ever in showrooms, stores, when visit customers, such as car sales site, when the customers to choose products, sales staff need to manually write in the book, in the customer after choose the model, also need to use a calculator to calculate the total amount, total amount, etc., if the customer decided to purchase, and into the computer, the efficiency is very low.Rakinda IOT tech offers you better solution for your store sale.
Android PDA with RFID will solve your problem with make invoice and inventory.
Application status of Android PDA in Sales inventory
Disadvantages of the traditional way
Manual manual writing is low efficiency, low efficiency, and slow motion.
The open order is not standardized on the spot, handwritten notes cannot be printed, product details are not standard.
The inventory information is not available, the inventory situation cannot be grasped timely, the inventory difference problem is frequent.
The service experience is poor, the management product category is much, the sale price of each product is not clear.
S2 pda barcode scanner
Recommend the sales site opening data collector.
Have the scene of the sales order data collector, sales personnel in the exhibition hall, store, visit customers, such as car sales site, to create a new single, scanning specified goods from the customers, combined with the related application of PDA software, can automatically calculate the quantity, amount, etc.;A portable printer can be used to print out the customer's purchase information, or it can be printed on the computer. (a PDA sends out a print order, which can be printed on the computer.)

At present, most of the sales in the market are the Rakinda Mobile PDA Scanner.
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