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Advantages Of Using Barcode On Vertical Location Warehouse
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With the continuing expansion of warehouses and distribution centers, driven in part by retail e-commerce growth, the essential role of barcode labels to track and manage inventory is more vital than ever.

Advantages Of Using Barcode On Vertical Location Warehouse

In fact, according to a 2016 study from Zebra Technologies, warehouse executives plan to expand the use of barcode scanning by 67 percent over the next five years and cited it as their top area of technology investment.*

In this post, I take a closer look at a specific type of label — vertical location warehouse rack labels — and when it makes sense to deploy them in your facilities.

Advantages Of Using Barcode On Vertical Location Warehouse

Advantages of Vertical Rack Labels

Barcode label is a vital part of an organized and efficiently run modern warehouse. Each label –whether on a pallet, tote or beam — is loaded with a host of product and location information essential to the management and movement of inventory.

For vertical warehouse rack labels, specifically, there are several advantages:
1.Eliminates need for long-range scanning and associated errors
2.Facilitates man-down, pick-and-scan operations
3.Minimizes location confusion and worker errors
4.Improves operator scanning accuracy
5.When combined with companion location labels, greatly improves accuracy and efficiency
6.Enables uniformity across multiple locations for efficient cross-training and consistency.

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