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Warehouse logistics management and RFID
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Warehouse management systems usually use barcode labels or manual storage management documents, but these management methods have obvious shortcomings, especially when the number and size of the rapid expansion of the time:
1. Barcode management: easy to copy, non-fouling, moisture-proof and can only be read at close range
2. Manual entry: cumbersome work, large amounts of data error-prone leaks, increase labor costs of storage
3. Manual inventory of large workload, leading to a long inventory cycle, missing or stolen goods cannot be found in time.

In view of such drawbacks highlighted, the introduction of RFID wireless radio technology will make enterprise warehouse management more transparent and more efficient. Including the electronic tag is packaged in a bar code label, affixed to the packaging of each good or on the tray, the tag into the specific information of the goods, storage location and other information. At the same time, when entering the warehouse into the delivery of the details of the information in the warehouse and distribution channels set up a fixed or handheld reader to identify and monitor the flow of goods.

Warehouse logistics management and RFID

Program hardware and software components: RFID electronic tag (LV-92); RFID printer (optional) (VPR-0207) RFID fixed reader (LV-642); RFID handheld reader System (Optional) (VI-82); RFID Channel Reading System (VC-420); VANCH ™ RFID Middleware (VX-3M); VANCH ™ RFID Warehouse Logistics Management System.

Program effectiveness: Artificially reduced by 20-30%; Visualization of 99% of warehouse product visualization reduces the risk of missing product; Improved supply chain management will reduce work service time by 20-25%; Improve the accuracy and reliability of warehouse information ; Efficient and accurate data collection to provide operational efficiency; warehousing, automatic data collection out of the library, reducing human error; reduce the cost of warehousing logistics.

LVB01A and RD-BT bluetooth scanner, which come from the Rakinda Technology  Company, can be said to be very mature in the application of warehousing management, and it is unmatched for the reduction of labor costs, the reduction of errors and the improvement of work efficiency The superior role.

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