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Intelligent Locker with Barcode Scanner, New Favorite in the Logistics
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Intelligent is everywhere in our life. If you have any notice, you will find it in many places.
The intelligent locker becomes more popular in the different country. It offers us convenience way to pick up a package. It also cuts down logistics costs. For the embedded barcode scanner part, I recommend you LV4500/LV3000U.

When you bought goods on the internet, you will get a tracking number from logistics company. For long-term shipping, it is a good way to track. But refer to delivery, it really took high cost on the deliveryman, including time and efforts. When you not at home, they will delivery twice or more until successful delivery.

Intelligent Locker with Barcode Scanner, New Favorite in the Logistics

In the logistics , when it is called “one-last mile delivery”, it refers to intelligent locker. When your package is started to deliver, especially almost arrival to your home,deliveryman will put the package to the locker, and in put your phone number send code for pick-up. Sometimes it is numbers, and sometimes it is 1D/2D barcode on your phone.

All the operations is automatic, which just takes 1 minute to put package into the intelligent locker. When you are off duty, you can go to the nearby intelligent locker,and in put pick-up number or scan your 1D or 2D barcode, then you will get your package. One of the convenience is, intelligent locker is 24hours service.

LV4500 barcode scanner module

If you need insert the scanner module,you could choose LV4500/LV3000U, all of which are petite to put in whole locker. If you have any project related, just contact us and believe in Rakinda.

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