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LVB01A RFID 2D scanner in warehouse application
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The development of economic globalization and the rise of the Internet, the global logistics services industry to accelerate development. The development of global economic integration makes the cooperation of enterprises, such as purchasing, warehousing, sales and distribution, and so on. The competition among enterprises is not only the competition of product performance and quality but also the competition of logistics ability. The use of information technology instead of the actual operation, reduce waste, save time and costs, in order to achieve seamless supply chain and integration of logistics for the realization of information management, the use of information management tools for the company’s warehousing, logistics information, To promote data sharing, cargo, and capital turnover rate, improve work efficiency, and modern logistics enterprises to achieve synchronization of the information process. So RFID scanner management system for enterprise logistics products for intelligent, information management, to automatically record the goods out of storage information, intelligent warehouse inventory, record and release the goods status information, output vehicle status statements and other functions.

LVB01A RFID 2D scanner in warehouse application

RFID technology has a unique performance, so its storage management has the following advantages:
Identify automatic: In the RFID warehouse management system, all the objects in the warehouse need to be identified with RFID tags, and in the RFID tag also records the status of the corresponding information, as long as the reader through the RFID tag information, The management system can determine the object based on the unique number that can not be read. The whole process without human intervention.

Quickly: RFID identification technology is a non-visual recognition technology, with the radio signal query mechanism, through the RFID reader (such as hand-held reader, forklift car reader) and RFID tags for information exchange, so the identification process Is quite fast.

High reliability: As the RFID warehousing management system operation, the middle of the process of information transmission and changes are automatically completed, and no one for the operation of the entrance, you can completely avoid the intermediate process of information due to manual operation may produce errors, to improve the reliability of the information

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