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S2 Plus 2D Barcode for Logistics Management Solutions
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In the data acquisition, data transfer, the 2D bar code has a natural advantage. First, the PDF417 2D barcode storage capacity up to thousands of bytes, which can effectively store the information of goods; Second, as PDF417 2D bar code using advanced error correction algorithm, in the case of partial damage, can still be restored Complete the original information, so the use of PDF417 two-dimensional bar code technology to store the collection of goods information is safe, reliable, fast and convenient features

S2 Plus 2D Barcode for Logistics Management Solutions

Shenzhen Rakinda S2 Plus 2D PDA Barcode Scanner can use in the harsh working environment, and it have the high battery capacity, it has the 5200AMH battery, it will not any problem to work all day long.
In the supply chain using 2d barcode scanner as the carrier of information transmission, not only can effectively avoid the possibility of manual input errors, greatly improve the storage, a library, single, inspection, inventory efficiency, and both distribution identification, warranty Recognition and other functions, but also in the case of inconvenience online to achieve offline management.
The use of 2d barcode technology will promote the management of goods to the economic unit management, from a deeper level of product management and tracking.
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