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RFID Reader for Mobile Logistics
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Logistics information is the soul of modern logistics, modern logistics development is the inevitable requirement and cornerstone. The logistics information of the two major focus: the basic information collection, information sharing and exchange.
rfid reader handheld scanner help you to save the time and money make your project more convenience.

RFID Reader for Mobile Logistics

1.Mobile PDA price is high: due to limited sales, pre-research and development, mold, the company’s operating costs and other related costs to each PDA accounted for too large, resulting in high selling prices; based on cost pressures resulting in major Logistics-related enterprises can not be widely used in large quantities.

2. Mobile PDA sales cycle is long, slow upgrade hardware and software: mobile PDA sales can not be compared with mobile phone products, pre-related R & D production cost recovery cycle is long, often resulting in a product sales cycle is too long (> 4 years), and can not Keep up with the current pace of development of hardware and software technology, resulting in spend heavily to buy low with. So that the logistics industry can not share the modern 3G mobile technology development brought about by the dividend, affecting customer experience.

3. Business implementation model is single, the cost does not come: the current mobile PDA due to limited market capacity of the industry but the participation of manufacturers caused more than a limited number of products on the sales volume is limited, and the line is still a long landing on the market and most of such products on the market Not into the carrier product library, in the implementation of mobile POS and data flow package is a separate procurement, can not be combined to share the operator package subsidy policy. Virtually creating high procurement costs.

RFID Reader for Mobile Logistics

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