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Wireless Barcode Scanner For Express Storage
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Logistics information refers to the logistics enterprises to use modern information technology to process all or part of the information generated during the logistics collection, classification, transmission, aggregation, identification, tracking, query and a series of processing activities to achieve the control of the flow of goods, Thereby reducing costs and improving efficiency management activities. wireless barcode scanner replace PDA to solve this express warehouse project.

Wireless Barcode Scanner For Express Storage

Mobile logistics information innovation solution:
First, the data collection terminal innovation solution: multi-function bluetooth clip
1. Data collection terminal innovation solution combination diagram: portable modular one machine.

Wireless Barcode Scanner For Express Storage

C. With a charge Po function:
Built-in 3000mAh battery in addition to the back clip inside the power supply, but also at any time to charge the phone to meet the outdoor all day mobile collaborative office life needs.

D. Bluetooth communication (HID & SPP compatible):
Software adaptation fast, any platform mobile phone without any changes to the function (to provide APK and source), only the communication interface calls, greatly reducing the client software redesign and adaptation required to pay the cost and time.

E. Long life cycle, product upgrades update low cost:
Because the mobile phone and data collection is separate, the upgrade only need to re-select the market ready-made mobile phone, data collection clip can still continue to use, greatly reducing the cost of replacement, and low-cost mobile phone to share the ever-changing performance, And no need to spend another cost of mobile data collection function clip.

F. Dust and drop, durable and durable:
According to the characteristics of outdoor use of the logistics industry, the use of hard shell thickening and corner soft rubber design to make this product fully meet the logistics industry durable demand (can withstand> 1.5m drop test, if the phone with a soft suit can be used together to protect Mobile phone broke).

H. Large scan on both sides Trigger button:
Left and right side of a large scan trigger button, hand touch and easy to customers any (left or right) one hand operation.

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