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QR Code Scanner for Assembly Line
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-09-29 | Views:778
It is industrial 4.0 time now. More and more manufacturers invest visual inspection in production line to improve efficiency and accuracy. Also it is an indicator of factory management level. If not upgrading in time, manufacturer may lose advantages in productivity and quality control. That is why barcode visual detection becomes hot in recent time.
Comparing with labor, barcode scanner visual inspection is more fast and accurate. When products bearing barcode label is passing by, the scanner will detect instantly to check the quality of barcode. Since the barcode label is moving, it is an important factor to choose scanner. Usually, in such cases, we need use high-cost scanners. But now Rakinda has developed new scanner, which can satisfy the requirement of many assembly line application.
 SEP 13 QR Code Scanner for Assembly Line
Rakinda can offer the whole solution for QR code scanner for production line, including high-speed barcode scanner; sensor; IO box; alarm light and industrial PC display. We believe Rakinda barcode visual detection will bring down cost greatly for you.
As a leading manufacturer of barcode scanner module, Rakinda takes the lead in product innovation. Please contact us directly for more details about barcode scanning application. We will do more than your expectation.
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