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Hand-held Terminal PDA S3 in Electricity Meter Reading
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-09-29 | Views:707

With the rapid economic development, the power transmission network and other infrastructure safe operation and safety production also put forward higher requirements, the major power companies have also invested a lot of manpower, material resources in the line inspection and maintenance. However, due to technical constraints, making the power inspection link on the existence of low efficiency, difficult to manage and many other deficiencies, while the original manual recording and reporting form also greatly limits the power operation and management of modern construction. Through the hand-held terminal PDA to carry out inspection work from the work line planning, work development, data collection, fill in the inspection report and data upload and processing of the entire process of information to improve the degree of automation and inspection of the work.

Hand-held Terminal PDA S3 in Electricity Meter Reading

Manual recording error-prone and time-consuming and laborious; manual card meter reading method is unclear, and then go to the pc machine transcription data error, Meter reading staff only to the field only estimates, cannot accurately statistics, meter reading staff for easy ” Human power “, in the way of manual operation to greatly reduce the efficiency.

Hand-held Terminal PDA S3 in Electricity Meter Reading

Shenzhen Rakinda S3 2D barcode PDA Scanner which is android5.1 and 4000mAh battery capacity, IP67 can support GPS, and it can support 1D and 2D barcode it can use in the harsh working environment, and it has the high battery capacity, it will not any problem to work all day long.

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