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LV12 Scanning Module Applied in Smart Storage Cabinets
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The supermarket electronic bar code savings cabinet has all the functions of the common password type, and adds barcode printing and scanning module identification. The user only needs to scan the paper barcode in the barcode scanning area and then can take things out of the box.

The bar code storage cabinet system has a high degree of automation. It takes the single chip as the core, automatically controls the opening of the cabinet door, and realizes infrared detection through barcode technology. After closing the door, the bar code printer prints the barcode, automatically cuts the paper, and displays the box number in real time without object. It also has power-off protection function, and it can check whether there are items in the infrared detection box, and alarm. It has a positive impact in real life.

The barcode paper forms a unique password by encryption, avoiding the possibility of peeking the password. The barcode paper will be invalid once used, and the security of use will be doubled. Quick access: request automatic printing of the barcode, pick up fast to scan logo, simple operation: just press "Save". To print a barcode, just read the barcode and we need to scan it when we take the package.

The bar code storage cabinet system consists of three parts: the cabinet, box and the main control unit. The main control unit includes an internal microcomputer, liquid crystal display, thermal printer, indicator light, operating keyboard and code sweeping area. The internal access operation of the microcomputer control cabinet is safe and convenient. The LCD display can display register information, such as: storage box number, operation step prompts, status and time of each box, etc., to help users complete self-service operations. The surface of the cabinet is derusted, phosphatized, and advanced electrostatic powder coating. The appearance is beautiful and the texture is elegant. The product is stable in structure and reliable in security, and has anti-mite function.
LV12 Scanning Module Applied in Smart Storage Cabinets
Rakinda LV12 one-dimensional red light scanning module is a practical one-dimensional barcode reading engine, using advanced CCD image recognition technology and intelligent image recognition system. It is easy to read barcodes on media such as paper, merchandise, screens, etc., and has strong reading performance. Can be widely used in various types of lockers, medical equipment, integrated core components to ensure the reliability and stability of product performance to the greatest extent.

Product Features:
1) LV12 is a compact long range CCD barcode scanner module with high sensitive linear image sensor and built in auto sense function;

2) LV12 decode board is powered by a fast processor and to decode a wide array of 1D barcodes. The decode board is compatible with Utility, a PC based software for easy configuration.

3) LV12 is designed with the industrial standard size, mounting options and output to facilitate integration into existing applications. 

Applicable application scenarios:
Lockers, medical research, microcontroller development, self-service vending machines, self-service terminals, queuing devices, lottery machines, mobile coupons, mobile phone payment barcode scanning, etc.

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