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RD4500R Barcode Reader Module Is Popular for Self-service Kiosk
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2019-01-17 | Views:147
In order to alleviate the issues"the slow meal,the waiter served slowly and the poor customer experience" in the peak of the meal.For the diners to provide more convenient ordering service, most of the KFC restaurants are introduced self-service ordering machine in China. Combined with 2d barcode reader,the self-service kiosk can provide more convenient service,while improving the restaurant's staffs work efficiency and service level.

When customers use self-service kiosk for meal,they do not need to line up. Because the self-service kiosk embedded barcode scanner,to expand a series of self-service modules. According to the screen operating system prompts,the customers only open the APP software application to generate screen 2d barcodes in mobile phone for payment.The barcode reader from kiosk to read the screen bar codes,so that they can complete the payment.The whole ordering process just ten seconds,very quickly. 
RD4500R Barcode Reader Module Is Popular for Self-service Kiosk
It is reported that the self-service kiosk use of 2d barcode scanner module recognition technology for achieving automatic scanning,acquisition and data transmission performance,to meet the diversified payment channels and improve the speed of the meal.

What is a good qr code scanner to recommend for the self-service Kiosk?
RD4500R qr code scanner has a interface is USB or RS232. It reads close printed or screen barcodes with 5 to 10mil precision.It has metal housing and it's industrial grade IP54. Its light source is LED white light. At the same time,small streamlined design makes it perfect for embedding in the various types of self-service machines to use,like Kiosk,Turnstile and Vending machine,very nice.

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