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RD4500R Barcode Reader Module Helps The Supermarket Price Checker
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As a new type of self-service equipment of retail enterprises, price checker machine can not only provide the price of products, but also direct the basic information of products to consumers. As long as the barcode reader windows aim the commodity bar code for checking,the name of commodity, price, specifications and other information immediately appear on the POS screen.

The supermarket puts the self-service commodity price checker and its database connects the supermarket cash register.It will guarantees the commodity price that the customer inquires is the latest adjustment price. Customers can also buy goods will be ready in advance for barcode scanning,so that they can ready to the required amount to the cashier to unified checkout, it can greatly alleviate the pressure of the customer in line at the checkout counter.

In addition, the application of the self-service price checker also provides convenience for the staff of the supermarket. Through the price checker,the staff can know the storage stock of different commodities, and then submit the report of the quantity to the superior according to the inventory stock. Even the staff can analyze and evaluate the sales situation to suggest whether the product should be promoted.
RD4500R Barcode Reader Module Helps The Supermarket Price Checker
It is worth noting that the scanning performance of the self-service price checker mainly depends on the barcode reader module embedded in the scanning window. The barcode reader have bar code automatic identification, acquisition and real-time transmission function,both food and everyday items, the barcode scanner window can quickly to decrypt the commodity bar code and upload data to the system background.

As bar code automatic identification field brand suppliers,RAKINDA company supplys barcode scanner module which has good performance,no matter reading printed bar code on commodity or qr codes on mobile phone's screen.Moreover, the design is exquisite and it is very easy to be integrated.It also can be easily embedded into various terminal equipment as the reading component of bar code, such as supermarket price checker, kiosk, bus ticket machine, turnstile and so on.

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