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Barcode Scanner Successful Selection of Self-service Kiosk
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In any self-service kiosk project, determine the three main components required for its success: hardware like: barcode scanner module, user applications, and kiosk system software.

Before selecting hardware, applications, and software, you must determine the capabilities of the self-service terminal. An overview of the tasks of self-service terminals will help ensure that they are used and, more importantly, as intended. For example, if a kiosk is selling something, how can I capture the attention of potential users? Or, if the kiosk displays security information such as an online banking kiosk, how can I protect the information on the kiosk and make users feel physically secure while standing at the kiosk? The answer lies in the successful integration of hardware, applications, and software.

Select Kiosk barcode scanner hardware according to project requirements.
After determining the use of self-service terminals, compare the hardware with the price, quality, materials or functionality. For example, if the kiosk displays highly sensitive information, the function to look for would be to hide the monitor's privacy screen and block the screen from the person standing on either side of the kiosk.

The shell of the pavilion can be made of materials ranging from metal to wood to plastic injection. Also, the function of a kiosk determines the best materials available. Often metal kiosks are more durable and secure, wood kiosks can provide a more refined look, and injection plastic kiosks are well suited for eye-catching designs because they can be created in almost any color.
RD4600 Barcode Scanner Successful Selection of Self-service Kiosk
As for the functions of Kiosk devices, they generally have touch LCD screens, ticket printers, barcode scanner and RFID readers. Barcode scanner is the most common reading device. The industrial barcode scanner can quickly read the printed or screen barcode, and upload the barcodes data to the server background immediately through the network.

Our RD4600 model qr code scanner reading close-range printed or screen QR code very fast. It reads close printed or screen barcodes with 5 to 10mil precision.The RD4600 fixed mount barcode scanner has a interface is USB or RS232. It has aluminum alloy housing and it's industrial grade IP54. Its light source is LED white light and has IR infrared sensing. The operating temperature is -10°C~+50°C and has good thermal conductivity. At the same time,small streamlined design makes it perfect for embedding in the various types of self-service machines to use,like Kiosk,Turnstile and Vending machine,very nice.
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