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Barcode Scanner for Metro Kiosk Project Solution
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Nowadays, buses and subways are the most popular means of transportation, so the NFC bus card has become a popular payment way. Sometimes the money of NFC card is not enough. In order to improve the working efficiency of the subway, the subway self-charging kiosk was introduced. Subway kiosks can support mobile payment functions, including screen QR code mobile payment method, which effectively improves the passenger's experience.

The RD4500R qr code scanner is embedded into the subway kiosk equipment, subway passengers only need to download the official APP application on their mobile phone, open the APP generate screen QR code,and then let the RD4500R barcode scanner to identify passengers mobile phone screen QR code.
Finally,it can complete mobile payment process can be quickly implemented self-service bus NFC card prepaid. Because the passenger's mobile phone QR code is link with their own bank card wallet,automatic deduction service.
RD4500R Barcode Scanner for Metro Kiosk Project Solution
Kiosk Project Solution:
A, The Hardware
1.Shell: Industrial grade IP54 shell is adopted to withstand the shock resistance.
2.Scanning window: large window design can recognize long bar codes of big data.
3.Light source: White LED.
4.Interface: Support USB and RS232.
5.Barcode scanner:RD4500R barcode scanner module is powerful and has high scanning speed. For the subway administrators, it is very suitable, even in the case of the number of subway passengers, it can quickly identify the qr code, complete the customer needs.

B, The System
1.Decoding chip: a new generation of core decoding technology developed independently.
2.Physical sensing: in sleep mode, when an object is near, it can instantly initiate and conduct barcode reading.
3.Compatibility: RD4500R fixed mount barcode scanner is suitable for mobile phone screen bar codes, which can be embedded into different self-service kiosk terminal systems, such as vending machines and electronic ticketing machines.
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