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Rakinda 1D/2D Barcode Scanner Module in Sharing Economy
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-05-21 | Views:305
In the era of mobile Internet, smart and convenient methods have become more and more respected. It clearly shares the solutions of express counters, sharing counters, and shared storage cabinets, breaking the traditional storage rental model, allowing traditional development to be innovative, easy and fast, and only needs Solve the lockers commonly used in large supermarkets and do not worry about the loss of barcode. It is free for a long time. It can be stored flexibly. It saves time and effort and is more secure. It can be used to store common cabinets for upgrades, such as supermarkets, hospitals, gymnasiums, train stations, hotels, etc. Bus station experience hall Public space Tourist attractions and other places. This is the cabinet.
Rakinda 1D/2D Barcode Scanner Module in Sharing Economy
Shared locker doors use special advanced electronic door locks, self-developed intelligent barcode scanner module to control, use advanced encryption protocols, aerospace materials work fine, and ensure the safety of communication networks. At the same time, the use of excellent mechanical properties to install and use the excellent cold-rolled steel plate makes the shared locker both beautiful and durable. At the same time, it accepts free customization of large and small doors and diversified storage. Vendors can view detailed user information in real time through the cloud platform and provide standard icon data such as value-added services to water and manufacturers in designated areas within a certain period of time.

Rakinda Shenzhen in China's leading Internet of Things solutions service providers, in the Internet of Things program customization, intelligent development with industry-leading level. Shared solution cabinet / shared locker / shared storage cabinet solution overall solution, based on our Internet of things GPRS GPS two-in-one module, open Internet of things cloud platform, mobile phone APP / WeChat interface, you can quickly complete product development , For custom sharing courier cabinet / shared lockers / shared storage cabinet technology program, please contact customer service.
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