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Which Barcode Scanner is Better to Scan Movie Ticket?
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-05-07 | Views:331
Rakinda RD4500R fixed mount barcode scanner is good for movie ticketing to verify. Recently related personnel to consult the cinema is scanning gun, how to choose and buy, it's not difficult to actually choose and buy the ticket scanning gun, but meet the following two points, one is to see whether could sweep the tickets on the barcode, second it is to see whether the objective requirements, frequent scans the bar code, such as whether to need to short time for barcode scanning gun, the speed of the scanning sensitivity (that is, good sweep) any requirements. Basically satisfy the above two points.

Most cinemas still use traditional paper tickets, and the barcodes on paper tickets are 1D barcodes, as shown in the figure above. The ticket is usually not scanned at the time of admission, and the bar code may need to be scanned at the box office in the future. So if you don't have any special requirements, the 1D bar code of the movie ticket can be read by the ordinary 1D barcode scanner.
Which Barcode Scanner is Better to Scan Movie Ticket?
After many tests and comparisons, the scanning network technicians found that Rakinda RD4500R and RD4600 scanner module could easily read the QR codes in the mobile phone screen, and the scanning speed was very fast, so it was easy to scan. In addition, combining with ergonomic design, it only needs to be placed on the counter. The user only needs to place the bar code flat on the top of the scanning platform to read successfully. Some pixels are not high, or a small screen phone, Rakinda 4500 series QR code scanner can successfully read the bar code in its screen. A very human scanning device!
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