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Rakinda RD4600 QR code scanner for vending machine
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Today, with the development of science and technology, many people are looking for new opportunities and changes. "Internet+" launched a self-service meal ordering machine under the enthusiasm of catering wisdom. It only needs to embed a 2d bar code scanner to provide a self-service "scanning code meal" service that does not require queuing and no waiter operation. This method is very much in line with the needs of today's young people's consumption habits and is very popular among food and beverage consumers.

When you enter the restaurant, the restaurant will only select the food you like based on the screen prompts. Then you can put the WeChat on the 2d bar code scanning window to finish the payment by dialing the phone number or payment method. You can complete the payment and place the bill on the table. Compared to the artificial ordering method, it not only saves the waiters waiting in line and waits, and the buffet that incorporates the “scan payment” has more consumers who do not have cash to facilitate payment and spend a few seconds without having to worry about peak meals. 
Rakinda RD4600 QR code scanner for vending machine
Shenzhen RAKINDA professional supply of self-service terminal equipment dedicated embedded RD4600 QR code scanner and application solutions to help self-service terminal manufacturers to expand "2D code scanning" value-added services , Thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the industry. 

Shenzhen Rakidna become to a large number of electronic systems management enterprises to provide scanning modules, scanning modules, scanning engines and other products, more than 18 years of research and development experience in the module and scan this become the industry leader! If you would like to know more about the application of the 2d scanner in the self-service terminal, please contact us! We can provide you with low cost, high performance solutions.
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