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Smart courier help you "receive" 24 hours !
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-04-03 | Views:358

With the development of e-commerce, we have more and more online shopping packages. There is no one at home in the daytime.There is no way to receive the parcels and it is very troublesome to receive them personally. Sometimes it is sent to the store downstairs, and the staff of the store can not be responsible for the safekeeping, so it is very easy for the parcel to be missed and lost. This is a lot of net purchase owners trouble. So express delivery, the owner can not sign a timely manner how to do? Put in the collar, but how to effectively avoid mistakes led by the dispute? Smart Express counter (which is a bar code scanner) to help you solve these problems .
 Smart Express counter bar code scanner module
Smart courier is very convenient to use, courier only need to scan the express waybill number, enter the recipient’s phone number, and then put the parcel into the box, a text message will be sent to the recipient’s mobile phone.Recipient can receive express mail from the smart express box at any time by using the password in the short message or the public number to generate a 2D barcode. The smart courier runs 24 hours a day to ensure that parcel security is not lost and the recipient can pick up parts at his or her own time.

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