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Public Parking With LV4600 Barcode Scanner Module
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-01-15 | Views:473

Looking ahead, the traditional parking lot is still a wide range of use, after all, the traditional low-cost parking lot, vehicles are gradually increasing, the Tier-2 Tier City parking resources can not meet the parking needs of vehicles, although many parking can stop many cars, but also bring a problem of efficiency and charging, how can we solve it? Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Company also attaches great importance by the barcode scanner module to this issue, so we developed two solutions to help the parking lot to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Solution one: The use of hand-held MV8 data collector, do not plug, based on the MS5, features and performance to achieve a comprehensive upgrade, you can better meet the multi-faceted needs of customers. 5.0-inch high-definition screen, multi-touch capacitive screen; support for 1D / 2D barcode scanning, NFC and other functions; dual sim dual standby, 4G network communication, Positioning, flexible choice; Large-capacity battery, standby time longer; Micro-customized camera instead of expensive professional scanning head, which refers to where scanning; N7000R IP68 high protection register industrial grade design, battery capacity of 5200mAh, to better adapt to harsh Environment; the advantages of the traditional industry terminals and ordinary cell phone into one, can be adapted to various types of industry market.

 Public Parking With LV4600 Barcode Scanner Module

Solution two: embedded in the terminal LV4600 barcode scanner equipped with scanning platform system, the module uses the world’s leading decoding technology that can identify the minimum brightness and reflective phone screen too much; the core function of the modular design, low consumption, life expectancy has been endurance; Metal shell, with any terminal can be perfectly embedded.

In a word, the above program customers can choose according to their needs, RakindaTechnologies Company have two ways to help businesses improve efficiency, to a certain extent, reduce the labor costs.

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