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Bus System in Uzbekistan will Use Mobile NFC/Barcode payments
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-26 | Views:507

Tashkent public transport introduces mobile NFC payment system,The system is still in the testing phase and runs only on the no. 11 bus. Rakinda RD300 bus payment pos all-in-one bus payment machine can scan both 1/2d barcode, NFC, and RFID.

what is NFC?
NFC (Near Field Communication) is short-range wireless communication technology that enables short-range wireless communication between mobile devices, consumer electronics, computers and intelligent control tools. With NFC mobile phones, people can connect with the entertainment services and deals they want, anywhere, anytime, through any device, to make payments, get information, and more. Users can also check their travel applications, payment, withdrawal records.

Bus System in Uzbekistan will Use Mobile NFC/Barcode payments

Tashkent Independence Square subway station also introduced NFC mobile payment technology. At present, the Independence Square subway station supports four kinds of subway tickets:
1.Cash purchase
2. brush subway card
3. Scan your QR code with your smartphone app
4. Use a smartphone that supports NFC technology

Passengers can use the ticket vending machine at the entrance of the subway station to buy tickets by cash or non-cash. Passengers who often take the subway can apply for bus cards and recharge. Users using a smartphone can use the 3rd or 4th payment method.
Tashkent Bus Company said that the current NFC ticketing system has entered the final test phase, soon after another city bus will be introduced to use. According to subway developers, Tashkent subway station will be fully equipped with automatic ticketing equipment before the end of next year.

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