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Self- Service Ticket Scanning Module With 4500I
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-25 | Views:493

With the rapid development of urban cinema in our country, watching movies now has become a way of entertainment for many young people nowadays. However, although the movie is good-looking, it can be a painful and long time to catch up with the peak of the movie during the weekend, to queue up for tickets or to get tickets. the process of. Here, we have to mention the cinema self-service terminal ticket machine system. Cinema self-service terminal for sale ticket machine system is simple, unattended, once put into use, they are widely sought after by everyone.

Cinema self-service terminal ticket machine system is used to replace the manual ticketing, the reason why used to replace the artificial, because the artificial ticket is slow, the delay time, if there are too many queuing staff, and the movie has to start, buy a ticket People anxious no use, can only be missed, leaving regret. The cinema self-service terminal ticket machine system used, even a day to print tens of thousands if not impossible, in addition, its software is stable, can provide two-dimensional code to pick up, WeChat, bank card payment ticketing and other functions.

Self- Service Ticket Scanning Module With 4500I

As long as consumers in the cinema self-service terminal ticket machine click on the “Internet access ticket”, according to the prompts to enter the corresponding verification code, a few seconds to get movie tickets. And in the cinema self-service terminal ticket machine system on the screen can visually display the seat map of the movie hall, ticket buyers can choose according to personal preferences of the seat. In addition, the ticketing machine can also check the movie screenings, video profiles, play film features such as film.

Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Company independently developed 4500i terminal dedicated scanning module can quickly identify the phone screen code and paper code, but also can identify different contrast, color and reflection degree of mobile screen code, easy to install, easy to operate, once the Advent, it has been widely praised by many businesses.

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