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Rakinda RD4500R QR Code for self-service equipment for restaurants
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Today, more and more restaurants flagship “unmanned buffet mode” ordering, payment, all meals can be done on the self-service equipment. The entire process does not require any help of clerks, which also shows that the catering industry is about to enter the unmanned area ,This ordering mode is more efficient and convenient, after all, many consumers have the choice of difficulty disease, standing at the point where tangled for a long time do not know what to eat, delay behind the customer’s time, and now become self-service is order, let Ordering process has become more simple, dining environment is also comfortable.

Rakinda RD4500R QR Code for self-service equipment for restaurants

People can order on the self-service equipment and payment on the equipment, there has a scanner module which can scan your QR payment code, you just let your QR code to be scan on the scanner, then the payment is done. Shenzhen Rakinda can provide 2d scanner RD4500R For fix mounted 2D barcode scanner module, which is very good for reading QR code not only for phone screen but also for printer, RD4500R is a scanner with housing. It has USB or RS232 output cable for customers to choose. In this way, it is easy to be integrated with any self-service equipment, Now RD4500R will be a good solution for you.

Shenzhen Rakinda as one of the leading suppliers in IoT, oriented by clients demand is devoted to the development and innovation of intelligent firmware products and enjoys rich experience and resources in ioT and big data area, if you are interested in barcode scanner module, do not hesitate contact Rakinda.

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