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Ashbin with 2D Bar code Scanner
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The smart Ashbin with 2D barcode reader is able to classify the garbage
automatically. It becomes the corner to classification of garbage. How about the working of the smart Ashbin with barcode read to scanning bar code and what is the function of it? Please check as follows:

Ashbin with 2D Bar code Scanner

1.The management system
It recognizes the ownership and manages the garbage. The workers will know the information of classifed garbage and the ownership through handheld barcode reader ( PDA) and supervise the production, collection, shipping, handling, the usage and so on. It is really important to manage the information of garbage.

2.The self-service dispenser of Garbage bags
Property Management Office delivery the card with 2D bar code for every ownership. The user scan the smart 2D bar code on the card before the dispenser, and you will get the kinds of garbage with 2D bar code. When you scan the bar code again, the door of cabin will be opened. And garbage won not be placed in wrongly.

Ashbin with 2D Bar code Scanner

3.The Ashbin with barcode scanner
Compared to the traditional ashbin, this smart Ashbin is with 2D barcode reader. Through reading the bar code on in bags of garbage, it will be opened directly.
According to the market, Rakinda researches and develops LV3096 mini 2D barcode scan engine with CMOS and LV4500R fixed mount bar code reader.
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