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Self-service Mask Vending Machine Finds Your Beauty Everywhere
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-08 | Views:449

As a human being, everyone cares about beauty, especially for the female. We can even find self-service mask vending machine in metro station. Usually, in metro station, we may see vending machine for drinks, but mask vending machine is rare. Moreover, the payment way is interesting. Apart from traditional payment way by coin or cash, this vending machine also support QR code payment by We chat and Alipay.

Self-service Mask Vending Machine Finds Your Beauty Everywhere

In this vending machine, you can not only buy masks but also do skin test. Before buying, you can first do a skin test, and then the system will guide you to buy suitable mask. After choosing the right mask, people can pay by mobile phone screen QR code on Alipay or wechat. Even if you didn’t bring cash, you can enjoy this convenience. With embedded QR code Scanner module, the payment process is really fast, which can be finished in few seconds.

Self-service Mask Vending Machine Finds Your Beauty Everywhere

Which scanner is good for self-service vending machine? Rakinda RD4500R 2d fixed mount barcode scanner is good at reading both printed and phone screen 1D/2D barcodes. With built-in IR sensor, this scanner can scan well both day and night, even in total darkness. Apart from vending machine, other projects such as access control system, kiosk, parking system, smart locker, etc.

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