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2D Barcode Scanner Application In Cinema Self-service Machine
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-11-28 | Views:414

In this fast-paced technology era, the convenience of smart devices has become an important indicator for merchants to choose. The cinema industry is developing rapidly, but making it cumbersome to buy tickets and collect tickets. But the emergence of the self-service ticket machine has effectively solved this problem. The 2d barcode scanner is widely used in the self-service machine to read the barcode and collect the tickets.

At present, domestic and foreign cinemas have the basic popularization of the use of self-service ticket machines. Customers need to buy the tickets online and get the screen QR code, then they find the self-service ticket machine in the cinema.The embedded QR code scanner of self-service ticket machine can read the QR code on the phone’s screen, which combined with QR code for the data transmission technology and Internet technology. Thus, we can realize the function of self-service payment and get the tickets, so as to enhance the cinema service efficiency.

2D Barcode Scanner Application In Cinema Self-service Machine

The whole buy process is very simple, which not only saves labor costs but also makes the customer’s viewing experience most satisfying. After on the spot investigation, it takes only half a minute to get the ticket online and print out the ticket, saving at least 60% of the queuing time in the cinema.

The use of barcode is not only in the ticketing system of the cinema but also in the areas such as intelligent access control, bus payment, and the unattended supermarket. When the barcode scan engine develops into a mature stage, the use of self-service equipment will be well guaranteed.

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