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Self-service Barcode Scanner Payment Helps Restaurant Upgrading
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On July 1, K PRO, the first green snack restaurant of KFC in China, was officially opened in Hangzhou. Different from KFC’s traditional style, K PRO is targeting the young consumer market with respect to the decoration style and meal design, and also introduces Rakinda barcode scanner in conformity to the rapid development of barcode application. Rakinda covers the entire sales process from ordering to payment, and then to meal order verification in K PRO so that the dining process becomes more simple.

Self-service Barcode Scanner Payment Helps Restaurant Upgrading

Paperless Ordering
LV4200 discards bills
KFC K PRO introduces the self-service ordering facility embedded with Rakinda OEM Scan Engine LV4200. Consumers only need to order meals on the self-service ordering machine and then take a plate from the left holder, the waiter will serve the meal to your seat, no paper bill voucher is required anymore, which gives customers the most convenient interactive experience.

LV4200 can easily scan all kinds of mainstream 1D barcode and standard 2D barcode. With fully integrated design, small size and big scan window, it can be embedded in various Kiosk applications.

lv4200 barcode scanner module

LV4200 barcode scanner module
Meal Order Verification and Mobile Payment
RD4100, guarantees accurate and appropriate service
In order to avoid errors in serving meals, KFC K PRO introduces Rakinda Desktop Scanner RD4100 as the barcode scanner for meal Order verification and mobile payment.

With excellent scanning capability, RD4100 can rapidly scan 1D or 2D barcode both on screen and paper; the device can instantly start up and turn on the fast infrared sensor when the object is approaching. It is very suitable for counter applications in supermarkets, shopping malls, convenient stores etc.

RD4100 desktop scanner

RD4100 desktop scanner
On the current tendency of increasingly popular mobile payment, Rakinda barcode reading solution has been recognized by many food and beverage brands. This time KFC K PRO also uses it for mobile payment because RD4100 can easily read either large screen or very long barcode.

K PRO restaurant is an important transformation and upgrading of KFC and this cooperation between Rakinda and KFC gives consumers full experience of the convenience that brought by science and technology!

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