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Rakinda RD4500R QR code scanner vending machines
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Nowadays, as the internet development, there are more and more places don’t use cash when we go out for shopping or having dinner etc. As we all know, now more and more intelligent self-service terminals are beginning to use scan payment device, you just open Alipay or WeChat payment QR code gently placed in the scan window scan away, you can easily complete the payment. In another word, the scanning module is a 1d scanning module and a 2d scanning module, which is one of the key parts for secondary development. It has a complete and independent scanning function, which can be embedded into handheld PDA, mobile phone, Intelligent terminals and other equipment.

Rakinda RD4500R QR code scanner vending machines

In fact, in our daily life is also everywhere to see the payment by scanner, such as supermarkets, parks, subway stations, etc., we want to go to vending machines to buy bottles of drinks do not have to carry coins, cash, our mobile phone payment code can finish the payment which is directly reflected The convenience of mobile payment.

In this intelligent application, the bar code scanning payment module as the vending machine most of the core of the payment sensor accessories, give full play to the 2d code automatic identification, acquisition and real-time transmission performance, the use of mobile Internet technology and bar code recognition technology to achieve self- Code payment.

It is understood that most of the current market self-service vending machines are used in Shenzhen RAKINDA embedded scanner RD4500R series of 2d scanning payment module, not only excellent performance (to meet the smart self-service terminal all-weather high-frequency scanning requirements), And can quickly read the paper bar code and mobile phone and other electronic screen code, such as some mobile phones and other electronic screens Alipay or WeChat payment code can be quickly read, large window scan, speed induction, even in the mobile phone power shortage , Mobile phone screen film, color bar code, etc., it can easily complete the bar code reading, is the domestic and foreign self-service terminals, access control gates, smart cabinets and other manufacturers of choice! If you are interested in this application, please contact me below.

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