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Barcode Scanner Used For Vending Machine Project
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Barcode scanner is entering every corner to make our way of life more convenient Many shopping people who will carefully find the supermarket cashier commonly used hand-held scanning guns, acourier commonly used PDA, handheld scanning equipment, and other handheld terminals; self-service vending machines, self-service machines and other self- Is “hidden” in the machine inside, you can read the bar code scanning device, that is, embedded scanning module. Then the handheld, self-help machine embedded scanning module with what brand of good? For this type of intelligent devices used by the barcode scanner module selection will be a lot, However, Chinese top sales manufacturer RAKINDA introduced two different models for this new market:

rd4100 desktop barcode scanner

1,.Handheld terminal dedicated embedded LV3096 barcode scanner module

LV3096 2D scanner module, the application of the international leading chip of the New World intelligent image recognition technology, and create a video-type two-dimensional code reading engine of the new era. Two-dimensional decoder chip, the advanced image recognition algorithm and advanced chip design and manufacturing technology perfect fusion, can read all kinds of mainstream one-dimensional barcode and standard two-dimensional barcode (PDF 417, QR Code Model 1/2, Micro QR and Various versions of the Data Matrix). Also supports reading GS1-DataBarTM (RSS) barcodes, including Limited, Stacked, Expanded and other versions.

lv3096 barcode scan engine

2.Self-service terminal embedded LV4500 series 2D code scanner module

LV4500 series 2d code scanner performance can quickly read the phone screen code, the scanning module can be embedded channel gates, smart cabinets, self-service terminals and other equipment, mainly used in pedestrian access, large business super, cinema, supermarket, Subway and other public places. It is understood that, LV4500 series of two-dimensional code scanner can be in the phone power shortage, mobile phone screen film, color bar code, etc., easy to read the bar code, both to enhance the customer experience, but also speed up the customer circulation, Terminal manufacturer rest assured that the barcode scanning module selection!

lv4500 barcode scanner module for koisk

RAKINDA engaged in barcode technology research and development for more than 17 years, we have a mature R & D team and overseas markets, we can help you quickly and easily realize the unattended dream.

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