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Hot Solution Multifunctional POS For Intelligent Bus
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With the advancement and development of science and technology, smart travel is slowly changing people's lifestyles. We are used to going out without cash. As long as a mobile phone can solve all the problems related to consumption, a mode that is convenient and efficient is born. QR code readers are being applied to a variety of embedded scenarios to replace the traditional down payment model.
Hot Solution Multifunctional POS For Intelligent Bus
Rakinda's versatile smart bus device RD300 has recently gained several times more visitor traffic than usual. There are a lot of customers on the Alibaba platform, as well as telephone consultations. There are also many customers visiting us. Let us Seeing the popularity of smart bus equipment in the future market, this must be a trend, the product of the development of the Internet of Things technology to a certain period, we just push this model to come faster.
Hot Solution Multifunctional POS RD300 For Intelligent Bus
Other Functions
A. Burning program
After power is off, press button 1; turn on power and it will enter burning program
B. Burning voice file
After the machine is working normally, pressing button 1 for a long time, and it
will enter into voice file burning interface
C. Inquiry
After the machine is working normally, press the button 2 for a short time, you can
inquire the POS info, transaction records etc. 
D. Rate, driver card and ticket seller card
After the machine is working normally, press the button 3 for a long time and then
you can set the rate, read the driver or ticket seller card. (Note: the functions of three buttons can be customized)

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