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Rakinda 2D Code Scanner RD4500L for Parking Lot
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-07-25 | Views:331
Nowadays scaning codes are becoming increasingly popular in parking lot, not only the cashless popular payments, but also the development trend of smart parking. The parking self-service payment terminal uses 2d code scanner to achieve the acquisition of payment code, decoding and data transmission process and combined with the parking self-service payment system to expand the "scan QR code payment parking" feature, so that owners say goodbye to "difficult parking "problem.
Rakinda 2D Code Scanner RD4500L for Parking Lot
It is worth mentioning that the scan code module that realizes this function is inseparable from a long-distance 2d code identifier. However, in actual assessment, not every QR code recognizer can be competent, but also taking into account the convenience of the owner's code scan payment, the impact of the light environment on the screen payment code, the depth of field of the 2d code scanner module and the scanning performance. Scan for distance and price and many other factors.

(1) The parking lot QR code scanner scans the payment code at a distance of about 0.3 meters to 1 meter;
(2) The 2d code identifier used in the parking lot can accurately identify the automatic payment code in the dark screen, color film, and insufficient lighting of the mobile phone;
(3) The size of the 2d code recognizer is moderate, the reading window is large, and it can be embedded in various intelligent terminals;
(4) The scanning performance is better, the scanning is sensitive, and various mainstream 1d barcodes can be read to meet the functions in a harsh environment for a long time;
After understanding the selection of parking lot 2d code identification equipment, Shenzhen Rakinda also provide the RD4500L series of 2d code scanners to provide strong support for parking self-service payment terminal manufacturers, also for "smart parking “2D code automatic bar code scanning solution providers provide hardware support.contact me as below if you are interested in . 
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