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QR Code Bus Payment, Where Should the Deposit Go?
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-06-06 | Views:350
Bigger deposit black holes than Shared bicycles, Many customers did ask about the bus payment solution about the "deposit" has been a struggle since its birth. The receiver made the best of the means and the party was full of it. In the second half of this year, a wave of sharing bikes collapsed, pushing the deposit to the forefront. In addition to sharing bikes, a public transport card deposit may be the largest and most difficult deposit. Rakinda RD300 all-in-one bus payment device is a good solution.

According to 2017 data released by the ministry of IC card application service center, the city of smart card (editor's note: most of which is commonly known as the public transportation card) has become 900 million, covering more than 800 million people. Most cities now charge 10 to 30 dollars for a deposit, even though 50% of them are deducted, and the deposit reaches billions. But there is no reasonable solution to the massive deposit that has been questioned over the years.

An attempt on the bus system
The public's dissatisfaction and the diversity of information dissemination, also the bus card system to explore new solutions. Hangzhou public transport system in innovation has been leading the trend, according to the Hangzhou citizens card co., LTD., chairman of Xuxiao, Hangzhou in the three years ago has begun exploring virtualization, three years doubled its investment and operation cost, but the user experience difference is huge. Many other cities are also carried out exploration, but things are the same, and Hangzhou in the final analysis, want to in a traditional, closed, near monopoly industry to services, to talk about the user experience, it is essentially a loss of the ability

Alipay's efforts
On December 26, Hangzhou metro announced that at 5:00 PM on the 27th, all stations in Hangzhou metro will support the brush Alipay. On the same day, the ant gold service general manager Ms.Liu clothing city, also introduced to the media for the first time complete the whole traffic service of the ant gold service, so far, pay treasure to quietly opened two years of large areas of travel has surfaced. The author's biggest feeling is: the bus card deposit is not handed over, the filling point does not need to run, the card and change also need not bring!

Such as Hangzhou is "Hangzhou through paying treasure to bus card", use Alipay also can directly to the online top-up e-cards, later will be able to like entity card/station to board the train and get this card without deposit, prepaid phone also can be back at any time. Yes, the deposit is no longer needed!

Rakinda has All-in-one bus payment machine for your study !both paper and card scanning, RFID read technology, with LED display, show the balance of your card.E ven you have your own product and want to embed the barcode scanner, we also have scanner module LV4200 and LV4500 series.

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