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Rakinda Strong BarcodeTechnology In Bus Application
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-05-24 | Views:354
As early as 2014 to 2015, Alipay tried mobile NFC payment technology and encountered many challenges such as poor device compatibility, low universality of mobile phones, and complex industry interest chains. Alipay sources said that after trying various technologies, it was found that in the current situation in China, only the QR code technology is the best carrier under the multi-factor balance of compatibility, universality, and user habits, so the final choice is two. The dimension code as an entry point.

In the process of mobile payment and beach bus travel, the payment giant is trying its best to increase user stickiness and cultivate user habits in the face of different needs of users.

Recently, Jingdong paid for "a penny for bus" activities in two places in Mianyang, Sichuan, and Xiangtan, Hunan. The citizens of the two places used the Jingdong flash payment or Jingdong two-dimensional code to pay for a designated bus. The deaf person can enjoy two points a day. Money ride discount.

Coincidentally, in Alipay’s home base in Hangzhou, there were people who told the First Financial reporter that “there are now UnionPay Cards, and there are preferential treatments. I will take buses twice a day, sooner or later, every penny.” Due to the greater preference, the Citizens are using UnionPay to pay for bus fares recently.

The aforementioned person close to the UnionPay told the First Financial reporter that UnionPay attaches great importance to the product. “Mobile payment + bus travel” is not a high-end product but a livelihood product that serves the people and provides convenience. UnionPay's user base is very large. At present, there are layouts for QR code payment and NFC near-field payment, which can provide targeted services according to different demands of industry parties.

“Currently, UnionPay is more of a NFC ‘stuck-as-pay’ model. Of course, NFC payment habits need to be nurtured, and users are encouraged to cultivate user habits through preferential treatment. Users then develop habits and then increase user stickiness,” he said.

“Today, I just bundled up Apple’s mobile phone to pay for it. When I checked it, I was on the phone and my phone was on the gate. I didn’t need to quit the call interface and I had a good experience,” a Shanghai citizen told the reporter. Previously, her payment method was Alipay QR code payment.

In addition to being closely related to preferential pricing, the payment giant’s promotion methods also revealed that Alipay’s eco-system also provided other functions to precipitate customers. For example, on the second day after choosing the Alipay scan code, Alipay Ant Forest will generate 52g of energy.

Tencent, on the other hand, relied on social advantages to extend the reach of WeChat and QQ traffic to various fields. For example, in the promotion of Tencent Ride Code, during the Spring Festival this year, Tencent piloted the WeChat ticket function in Guangzhou. Users can send tickets to group friends and individual friends. After the friend receives it, they can open it in the Tencent Ride Code applet. The use of direct-brushing codes electronically and socializes traditional tickets offline, increasing their collection, environmental protection, and convenience.

According to industry insiders, the public transportation industry has huge market potential. It is a hugely attractive traffic entrance for the payment giant. From the current point of view, it is still in the stage of the scramble for traffic entrance and increases market share. Hard to divide.
Rakinda Strong BarcodeTechnology In Bus Application
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