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Mobile Payment via QR Code Scanner is Popular in Public Transportation
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-05-09 | Views:387
Nowadays, phones are everywhere in our society. They help keep us organized, mobile, comfortable and entertained. By doing so, digitization is quickly being integrated into our everyday lives and numerous routine tasks. We plan our day, plot our journeys, and our devices let us know about delays and suggest alternatives routes. If our chosen destination is a concert or a football match then digital ticketing grants us access. In China, the mobile payment via QR code scanner can be seen in both bus and metro station.
Mobile Payment via QR Code Scanner is Popular in Public Transportation
With major partners like e-commerce giant Alibaba, Rakinda is one of the hardware manufacturers that leads the charge in this.

Reducing cost and stress in the subway
After the success in the bus system, Hangzhou is kicking off 2018 by replacing the physical tickets in their subway system as well. For the turnstiles at their stations, the city works with Rakinda RD4500-20, a popular fixed mount scanner for customer-facing applications. It is optimized for inexperienced scanning from mobile phone screen. It has a wide scanning angle and IR sensor, which lets it start up instantly when an object is approaching. This helps passengers get to their train quickly. They no longer need to queue up at the service window or self-service machine to buy tickets or top up their account. At the same time, it streamlines the flow of peak time commuters and eliminates the morning stress for those who snoozed one too many times.
RD4500-20 barcode reader
A Mobile Payment Future
When it comes to the future of mobile wallets, the sky is the limit. According to the latest survey by 251 Research, 29% of smartphone owners in the United States say they’re likely to use mobile payment apps. The types of mobile payment transactions and options available have grown exponentially and this shift shows no sign of stopping. As with any emerging technology, consumers will ultimately drive adoption. The speed of this will be determined by ease of use, convenience, accessibility, and store adoption. In urban China, society is close to being cashless, with public transportation being one of the final steps. For the rest of the world, it’s only a matter of time before mobile payment reaches their stop.
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