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Bus Scanning Payment With Rakinda RD300
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-01-15 | Views:719

From this year, Shenzhen, as the forerunner of smart traffic, took the lead in opening public mobile payment. Public transport will find the bus on a more POS machines, the bus equipped with POS machine, the public has a variety of car payment options, Shenzhen is the first city to achieve public transport payments to the city, to At present, all bus lines under the jurisdiction of Shenzhen Bus Group and more than 8,000 buses have fully supported the purchase of tickets by Alipay and Flash Alipay, covering a number of major cities.

Bus Scanning Payment With Rakinda RD300
Bus Pos machine using mobile payment system, fast payment of two-dimensional code decoding, data upload, data storage. Recognition of two-dimensional code only takes 0.3 seconds, greatly improving the efficiency of passenger pays the bus fee. Car mobile payment scan code credit card machine is used to provide users with more convenient public transport payment services, the bus Pos is based on urban public transport mobile payment mobile phone, GPS vehicle positioning as a basis for easy user payment at the same time as the bus Operations managers provide public transportation costs system real-time settlement, passenger big data analysis, vehicle scheduling operations management technical support and other value-added services.

Take the bus as a part of the offline scene, traditional enough, the user population relatively mature age, large user base, high frequency of consumption. In the face of passengers need to change coins, change, do recharge and other troubles, the use of mobile payment can provide great convenience for passengers, the user sticky, customer base stable. Mobile payment bus scan credit card machine as the first step in the payment platform, passengers can quickly be diverted to the platform of other application functions and sections, rapid promotion of other related businesses, customer guidance.

In the field of urban transport, mobile payments make the citizens feel convenient and efficient. At present, many cities in China have already implemented subway, bus and high-speed rail travel mobile payments. The RD300 bus-in-one developed by Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Company has complied with the trend of mobile payment in the era. To a large extent convenient for foreign tourists and local residents travel.

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