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Alipay Entered Guangzhou Formally, People can Pay by Scanning Alipay QR Code to Take the Bus
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-01-03 | Views:505

Alipay official Weibo news, Guangzhou Municipal Committee, and Ant Financial, Jiadu Technology have reached a strategic cooperation, the public can take the phone traveled the whole city from December 6, including Guangzhou BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), Nansha, Huadu all lines and part of the line in Panyu, including 4000 buses, you can scan Alipay payment QR code to take bus. And other lines are working access over time.

It is understood that Guangzhou BRT is an important part of the Guangzhou public transport system, average daily traffic has reached 850,000 passengers, the highest is up to 1.4 million passengers. It is the largest BRT system in Asia. Now, the public only needs to search on Alipay “Yangcheng pass car code” into the Yangcheng pass car code applet, you can access that. After that, users can complete adding Yangcheng pass car code in the Alipay card package, and scan code on the bus. Moreover, even in the face of bad cell phone signal or no money in Alipay, users can also pay after by bus. This service will cover all the Guangzhou bus lines gradually, which make low-carbon green travel more convenient in Guangzhou.

Alipay Entered Guangzhou Formally, People can Pay by Scanning Alipay QR Code to Take the Bus

It is worth mentioning at this point that there is currently 55 bus city to create cities to provide customized Internet-based bus services, some cities also took the lead in passing mobile payment services by bus from a national point of view. This is driven by “Internet +” and the domestic public transportation service that is continuously innovated.

It is reported that in the near future, Guangzhou will further optimize the system upgrade, the user will be able to certain steps to activate the operation, the Alipay “Yangcheng pass car code” upgrade to Alipay “Yangcheng Electronic Card” that can enjoy Yangcheng Tong entity card the same discount, the public no longer have to worry about missing or forgotten cards, they will be able to travel throughout the city by holding the phone.

As a high-tech enterprise with automatic identification technology as its core, Rakinda has rich experience and products in the field of barcode recognition. According to the functional requirements of 2d code bus devices, Rakinda launched the RD-300, 2d code scanner bus devices, which embedded with Rakinda 4500 series fixed mount barcode scanner that can read phone screen barcode in low brightness quickly to enhance the code scanning experience. If have any interests, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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