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The Development of Barcode Mobile Payment in The Bus
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-22 | Views:498

The concept of smart city was first proposed by IBM company in the 21st century, and it hopes to use information and communication technology to measure, analyze and integrate the operation core system of the city and other information. It will create a better urban life for environmental protection, public safety, urban services and industrial and commercial activities.

Smart bus payment POS machine is needed for daily transportation.The “RD300 Mode Bus Payment POS Machine” from RAKINDA company was born. Create a screen barcode through your mobile phone’ APP software and use the barcode scanning technique. The RD4500R QR code scanner adopts a new generation core decoding technology developed independently, which can quickly read the minimum brightness screen bar code. It can be able to speed sensing, accurate decoding and immediately start identifying barcodes in standby mode; Not only the RD4500I barcode scanner module can read the QR code, the fixed metal shell package design can be applied to different self-service terminal solutions. Smart bus payment POS machine also sets up NFC sensors so that mobile payment and IC card payment can be integrated.

The Development of Barcode Mobile Payment in The Bus

In terms of “smart” barcode mobile payment technology, China is trying to catch up with developed countries.Whether it is the new development of hardware or the new breakthrough of software system,bar code mobile payment is emerging. From “unattended supermarket” to “Pilotless”, you can imagine that China will step up its development efforts in smart society in the future.

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