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Mobile QR Code Boarding Pass is Popular in Dazhou Airport
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-14 | Views:500

Recently, Dazhou Airport officially opened the function of mobile phone 2D Barcode scanner check-in and became the first airport in Sichuan with the function of mobile phone 2D code check-in.

Mobile QR Code Boarding Pass is Popular in Dazhou Airport

According to reports, passengers who do self-select seats in mobile app of Sichuan Airlines, China Eastern and Air China (China Civil Aviation Information Network Co., Ltd., it will automatically generate a mobile phone QR code electronic boarding pass, When arrived at the Dazhou Airport, passengers can scan mobile phone 2d code, for easier pass security and boarding.

Dazhou Airport official said the 2d code of mobile phone electronic boarding pass must use the original phone number. And the forwarded 2d code electronic boarding pass cannot be used, and can not be used twice. Mobile phone 2D check-in flight departure time should be booked 1 hour before taking off, otherwise, you can not get the phone QR code.

The use of the 2d code for check-in procedures will greatly save the queue for check-in procedures and be waiting time. This feature will be extended to other airports in China.

Mobile QR Code Boarding Pass is Popular in Dazhou Airport

Electronic 2D code boarding process:
1. Passengers can check in advance and obtain the QR code boarding pass through mobile phone or computer on the aspect of cruise lines and check-in channels of airline’s official website (need to support the generation of the electronic boarding pass).

2. Upon arrival at the airport, there is no need to go to the check-in counter to print the boarding pass. With a valid ID card and QR code, you can go to the security checkpoint.

3.Registration voucher information: flight number, date, passenger name, destination, seat number, boarding number, etc.

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