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Long Reading Distance Scanner Supports Easy Highway Fee payment
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Speaking of highway, it is fast. In China, highway is not free. Drivers need to pay highway fees at the exit toll in most cases. Especially on weekends or holidays, it is especially jammed at exit toll. Now intelligent devices enter into people’s life gradually and the application of IOT is getting popular. Many companies are devoted to this area to solve this issue. Rakinda has been focused on IOT for 17 years. We are making our efforts to make life more convenient and intelligent. We offer our own solution in intelligent traffic area.

Usually, the ideal scanning distance for Wechat or Alipay payment at toll is 25-100cm. Rakinda has promoted technology to realize long distance scanning. 4500R scanner is developed to cater for such application. Armed with world-leading CMOS image capturing technology, embedded 4500L 2D QR code scanner has very good code capturing capability. Its reading distance can reach 1m. It is fit for highway toll payment system.
Comparing with traditional cash payment, qr code payment is more popular. No need for exchanges and people needn’t worry about whether cash is enough. Payment can be done in seconds. It is a great relief for highway jam at tolls.

Long Reading Distance Scanner Supports Easy Highway Fee payment

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