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Barcode Reader for Bus Payment POS Machine
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The hot of Dimension code has been out of control, and with the open o policy, many financial institutions are involved in this field. Moreover, a Two-dimensional code is not only used in open-loop payment but also is used in a variety of original closed-loop card application. Bus Payment also becomes hot too. In this field, NFC has a big advantage. Now, bar code has appeared in this field.

LV4500R Barcode Reader for Bus Payment POS Machine

Please check the features of 2D Barcode Payment in Bus as follows:
1.Financial card credit card payment;
2.Mobile phone card credit card payment;
3.Apple Pay, Smartphone Pay;
4.2D barcode payment (Ali, Wechat payment );
5.Ministry of Communications Interconnection card; Live and build interconnection card;
6.City card and Bus card credit card payment;

Two-dimensional code traffic payment on the way:
Guangzhou Metro APM online two – dimensional code payment; And Alipay in Hangzhou, the first pilot swept the bus ride using a unique “bus code”; this code is only for the public on the bus for secure off-line verification. The Internet create the two-dimensional code to pay, and bus companies also publics the release of APP to make the 2D payment come true. The 2D e-tickets will be produced by Bus APP.

Barcode Reader for Bus Payment POS Machine

Shenzhen Rakinda Technology Development Co., Ltd. with years of experience in the bar code industry and a good reputation does the good contribution for this Bus Payment. Under the new changes in the “public transport city”, Rakinda has also made new products to meet the needs of the market in hardware support development.

We upgrade our LV4500R phone barcode reader; It is with good decoding performance, and these scanners are able to work well even in the unstable environment on BUS.
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