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Bus Mobile Payment Machine Solution
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-11-08 | Views:424

Today, let us discuss the Bus Mobile Payment Machine solution.
In the mobile Internet of Things era, many consumer sites can use Alipay and WeChat checkout, however, when we take the bus, we need to bring their own change, which is very troublesome.

Although there is a bus card, the recharge bus card is also inconvenient, and the bus card is easy to lose, we can not view the bus card records, if exaggerated areas, bus cards cannot be used, very inconvenient

Bus Mobile Payment Machine Solution

Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Co. Ltd developed the bus all-in-one payment application program- Bus Mobile Payment Machine according to these circumstances, through the upgrade RD300 vehicle POS terminal and barcode payment system, using mobile payment, cloud computing, large data and other Internet technology, to achieve the passenger mobile payment. At the same time, record transaction data, enhance information management capabilities.

This bus payment machine includes Rakinda RD4500I 2D barcode scanner. It reads excellently for mobile phone screen QR code. With built-in IR sensor, it works normally both day and night, even in total darkness.

Bus Mobile Payment Machine Solution

Specific advantages are as follows:
1. Mobile payment real name system management solves the bus card real name manufacturing and purchase problems, reported loss and operational capacity of the problem
2. Mobile phone payment operation is very convenient, which can solve the bus card balance insufficient, lost, and in a fixed location recharge bus card problem.
3. Electronic trading mode solves the problems of bus, subway and banking institutions to check out the change, which caused so many pressure of supply problems.

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