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Brush Face Payment and QR Code Payment
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QR code payment VS brush face payment
1.Payment process comparison
QR code payment process
1) Open the APP for payment on the mobile phone, such as WeChat, Alipay, etc.
2) Open the payment code, or scan the merchant's receipt QR code;
3) Confirm the payment, enter the password, or use the fingerprint to pay.

Brush face payment process
1) Scan the goods;
2) Select the brush face payment option and brush your face;
3) Enter the binding mobile phone number, the payment is successful, and the small ticket is automatically printed.
Brush Face Payment and QR Code Payment
2.Payment scenario comparison: QR code payment is more widely used in major consumer scenarios
According to relevant data, as of the second half of 2018, the face payment was paid at KFC, and retail scenes appeared in commercial supermarkets and pharmacies. In 2017, the domestic output value of QR code has exceeded 900 billion yuan. In the next few years, the annual output value of domestic QR code payment will continue to grow. In summary, at present, convenient and fast QR code payment is still the mainstream payment method for major payment scenarios in China.

3.Security issues become the biggest hidden danger
The person in charge of Alipay announced that the current requirements for paying for face payment are higher. The commercial use of face payment means that ordinary users can make payments through face recognition. There may be problems in the use of personal photos or video impersonation to steal accounts. Many consumers are worried about the problem. To the full guarantee, there is still the possibility of privacy leakage.

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