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Fashionable Desktop QR Reader For Mobile Payment
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It is more and more common to see the scanning equipment that can be seen everywhere in the restaurant, the front desk of a hotel or a travel agency. The different designs are very novel, and the words "WeChat payment and Alipay" are on the door.
RD4100 desktop barcode Scanner
RD4100 desktop barcode Scanner with the meeting 2D checking-in system, open the Internet era of meeting ticket new skills. The organizers provide 2D customized invitation letter by sending to the guest phone and connect the system for the guests , or open the WeChat public number "on-site invitation" channel, the guests only need to concern about the public number ,then they can enter the personal information to obtain 2D invitations .
1. Alipay wallet and Wechat applications
2. Catering / hotel O2O terminal applications
3. 2D and Electronic membership card applications
4. VAT lightning billing applications
5. Theater ticket of 2D barcodes applications
6. Conference sweep check-in applications
Fashionable Desktop QR Reader For Mobile Payment
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