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Due to Cash flow Difficulties, Mobile Payment Increasing in Africa Small Countries
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-11-23 | Views:145
The Republic of Somaliland, which was independent from Somalia, is currently in a dilemma of malignant inflation, and the economy is isolated, but as such, it is closer to a milestone than other countries in the world: cashless economies. Thus, the mobile payment is increasing too.

Many countries in Africa have used mobile payment services as early as a decade ago, and one in every ten adults is in use, and there are 100 million users across the continent. M-Pesa, the innovative service launched by Vodacom, the largest wireless carrier group in South Africa, is widely recognized as the first large and most successful electronic payment platform in Kenya. It has 26 million users and accounts for almost half of Kenya's population.

McKinsey research shows that there are 282 mobile payment platforms in the world, half of which are in countries south of the Sahara Desert in Africa; the GSMA data is similar. The economic situation of many African countries is in the world, but in the field of mobile payment, the development of these African countries is ahead of the curve, almost directly skipping the stage of traditional physical banking, and directly entering the era of using mobile phones as wallets.
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With the benefits of mobile payments, the Somalilan is probably the clearest. Due to the extreme economic and financial situation in the country, the rise of Zaad, a mobile payment platform launched by the local telecommunications company Telesom, has enabled the world's most isolated countries to conduct business through mobile phones.

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