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Alipay QR code Payment Scan Screen Code from Mobile Phone in Retail
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-08-27 | Views:254
The QR code payment is for online transaction payment activities mainly through the Alipay platform. The 2d code wireless payment is a relatively advanced wireless mobile payment technology. The merchant can generate the corresponding 2d code of the commodity information, and then scans the 2d code from the mobile phone by barcode scanner to complete the transaction.

Alipay QR code payment process: the merchant logs in to Alipay's payment page, enters the amount to generate the transaction order, then the user opens the Alipay App on the mobile phone, selects the barcode payment, and the Alipay App will generate a QR code. After the merchant scans and identifies the QR code, which can confirm the mobile phone user's Alipay account and identity to confirm the payment.
Alipay QR code payment advantages:
1. The entire transaction process is convenient and fast, and it is convenient for the customer's shopping experience.
2. No cash change or credit card operation is required during the whole process;
3. It is safe for the application of QR code scanning mode. Firstly, the QR code generated by the mobile phone is unique and encrypted. It can confirm the current customer's payment identity by reading the QR code Moreover, the QR code can only be used once every each transaction, and it will be invalid immediately after payment finished, which also ensures the payment security for the user.

The merchant must need a barcode reader for Alipay QR code payment. The barcode scanner could support reading the bar code on the phone screen. Rakinda has rich experience and products in the field of bar code recognition. And there are handheld screen code scanner and desktop 2d barcode reader to meet the variety needs. 
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