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Smart POS Machine with The Scanning Module
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Compared with traditional POS machines, Smart POS is an Internet-based charging system that integrates scanning and payment while forming a closed-loop online and offline information related to products and customers. It also possesses cash registers such as order management, inquiry, e-commerce, Business management functions. With smart POS applications, businesses can seamlessly connect their online and offline sales. In combination with offline payment records and online store consumption, merchants can easily obtain big data for consumption so as to adjust their business mode, make and manage the Internet.

As a bar code industry brand suppliers, Shenzhen Rakinda for the current market demand, in particular, launched a series of embedded barcode payment scanning module for intelligent POS machine manufacturers to provide a full range of scanning module needs, welcome to the needs of customers to inquire!

Smart POS Machine with The Scanning Module

LV3096 2d CMOS scanner with superior decoding performance, support Alipay wallet and WeChat pay one-dimensional two-dimensional payment code reading; sensing speed sensitive, even in the mobile phone power shortage, cell phone screen film, color barcode, etc. Easy to read bar codes; compact size, easy to embed intelligent POS, financial tablet, PDA, scanner and other handheld terminal equipment.

LV1000 1d CCD scanning module, scanning speed extremely sensitive to support Alipay purse and WeChat pay one-dimensional payment code reading; small size, high integration, the image acquisition and decoding board integrated in one can be easily embedded in a variety of devices As a bar code reading component application.

In response, some industry insiders predict that with the penetration of mobile payment, the commercial chain will start to develop Internet. The physical bank cards and cash will be gradually weakened, and most people will be able to adapt to mobile payment in a few years. By that time, smart POS will be the best gateway for offline businesses to “touch the net.”

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