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Mobile Payment Age Is Coming
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-01-10 | Views:524

Nowadays mobile payment become more and more popular in every field . on 26th June , Beijing Metro cooperate with uni-card system to start the mobile payment in Metro . it is totally different with the metro payment before , it doesn’t need change mobile card , only requirement your mobile with payment function . the advantage is that you dont need spend time to purchase card or charge your card every time in metro line

Mobile payment now is a trendency ,in future it definitely will be in everywhere in our life and it will be in all metro in China too. How to payment by mobile ? It need install 2d barcode scanner to the turnstile machine ,Passengers use mobile phone to scan the barcode.

December 12, China UnionPay officially released two-dimensional code payment standards, and build a large number of banks and collection agencies to work together. Which to some extent may mean that the traditional team to speed up the layout sweep payment, beachhead to “pay treasure, WeChat payment” it called QR code payment which is king of the mobile payment market. ”

Mobile Payment Age Is Coming

To grab the mobile market this big cake, China UnionPay action can be described as a lot. From 2012 launched UnionPay red envelopes, launched in 2015 cloud flash and cooperation with the major mobile phone business, and then recently launched two-dimensional code payment standards, all acts of China UnionPay are directed at mobile payment.

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