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French Department Store “Lafayette” Announced the Promotion of WeChat Payment
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-01-03 | Views:492

On November 8, the French department store Galeries Lafayette officially announced that its flagship store and Haute Barbeque department store (BHV) have been testing WeChat payment services in Paris’ Haussmann Avenue since the end of September, and they are the first retailer that uses WeChat payment now in Europe. Over the next few months, the Lafayette Group will expand the service across department stores gradually in France.

Since September 25 this year, the company’s flagship store, on Haussmann Avenue, and its department store that is near Paris’s City Hall have accepted Wechat barcode payments in Paris, making Lafayette be the first to offer this service shopping mall in Europe and France. Galeries Lafayette selected Verifone and BNP Paribas payment service partners to increase the shopping experience for consumers in all countries, including Chinese customers.

French Department Store “Lafayette” Announced the Promotion of WeChat Payment

In Paris, Galeries Lafayette hosts over 150 million consumers annually. After access WeChat payment, customers can make secure payment on the mobile phone by scanning the QR code. Every year, there are nearly 7.4 million Chinese tourists in Europe. Tencent China WeChat has over 600 million active accounts and an average of 600 million daily transactions. WeChat will be their right-hand man for European retailers who want to attract Chinese consumers.

This year, the “Lafayette” Osman flagship store established an area of 2,800 square meters of new shopping area, the main target service group is the tour of Chinese tourists, in addition, the store also installed a digital tax refund equipment, Chinese tourists can be convenient Tax refund in Ottoman flagship store.Chinese customers have become the largest number of foreign customer groups in the patronage of “Lafayette” Ottoman flagship store .

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