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The Power of Barcode Payment
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With the fast development of Internet of Things, the technology of barcode is used widely. In our daily life, you can find the 2D barcode payment in everywhere, supermarket, hotel, restaurant and so on. With the phone, you are able to go all of the worlds. As we all know, it is fashion to use bar code. And Barcode works in many industries. How big the power of bar code, I would like to introduce for you.

The Power of Barcode Payment

At present, 2D bar code payment is used in Metro, High-speed road, bus. And it does save the energy, because passengers donot need to take paper ticket. And it also make life becomes easy, because every one owns his ticket on his phone.
If without bar code payment, no matter what people do, there must be people service; Kiosk solves parts of this matter. And with the develop bar code and phone, the matter is solved totally. It is really charming.

For example, in vending machine, after you choose the good you need, and open the payment bar code, scan this bar code before the bar code reader embedded in vending machine. It is okay without any people’s service.

Another case, the bar code reader embedded in turnstile. There is e-ticket on phone, and scan it before the scanner as the picture showed. Where is the bar code, there is a bar code scanner. Rakinda, as the gold supplier of bar code scan engine, there are many kinds of bar code reader to meet the market request.

bar code reader embedded in turnstile

The desktop RD4100 qr code scanner is used in hotel, supermarket; LV4500R bar code scanner is built in turnstile, access control system, car-parking equipment and so on. The mini LV3296 bar code reader is used in medical, logical and so on.

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