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Alipay Huge Influence To People’s Way Of Life In China
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-13 | Views:553

Endless technology, what happened in the industry today? The majority of users how to look? Following with Xiaobian onlookers under the major netizens talk about today’s hot topic!
Today to share with you the topic is “No people need Alipay? Ignorance limits your imagination for mobile payment”, the news burst, it attracted the crowd onlookers, minutes on the hot headlines. Suddenly a number of media have published, reproduced, such as Netease, Sina, Tencent and other reports, we can directly search for the topic in Baidu view. Only in Netease news, as of now, the number of participating comments has reached 3000, we can see the topic of the hot degree.

Alipay Huge Influence To People’s Way Of Life In China

News briefing: “First class people do not need Alipay? Ignorance limits your imagination for mobile payment” The author said that “people who have credit, do not need Alipay,” Why do you use Alipay by QR code reader, because you do not have credit. Credit card is the most advanced means of consumption, with Alipay you can go to Japan, France, Italy, the United States to buy buy it? Finally, the climax came, the author said that we have a superior credit, civilized country has universal resistance Why do you think Alipay advanced, which is too anti-intellectual. Throughout the article is slot point, and soon received overwhelming mainland netizens ridiculous: Alipay can be used with the credit card binding author Do you not know? Ignorance limits the author’s Alipay imagination, suggest that the original author has written the time , It is better to walk from Hong Kong Shenzhen, eyes, hands to experience, use their brains to think, make up their own lessons. At the same time, the international news is also worth looking at. The author can not deliberately ignore the “superior people with credit” and “civilized nations” envy of the rapid development of China’s mobile payment.

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